Dog Apparel Guide

Dog Apparel Guide

To coat or not to coat?  That is the question…a lot of dog owners ask themselves when the chilly weather sets in.  The short answer is: Do you wear a coat when you’re cold?  Or a raincoat when it’s pouring outside?  Of course!  The long answer is a big more complicated. 

Just like humans, one person might be freezing cold when it’s 60 degrees outside, while someone else is passing out from “the heat.”  As a general guideline, the thicker the dog’s natural coat, the less protection he’ll need.  But for those short-haired or tiny bundles of love, well-fitting attire is in order to keep them comfortable.

As luck would have it, we have an amazing selection of apparel from which to choose!  Coats, sweaters, and slickers all have their reason for being.  When looking for any type of apparel, you should consider the following features too.

Coats:  Coats are a stylish and practical way of avoiding hypothermia.  They are usually lined and/or quilted, which makes them the perfect choice for colder weather.  A proper fitting coat will run from the base of the neck to the base of the tail and should be sized accordingly.  You can find our handy sizing chart here.  A coat should also come with a harness patch and be washable, just in case Bella’s adventure gets messy fun!  Other nice-to-have features include reversibility, hook and loop closures for easy on/off, storage pockets, reflective fabric, and a collar.

Sweaters:  Flowered, cable, basket weave, hand-knit and more, sweaters are versatile, fashionable and exude personality!  You go girl in your fabulous floral fashion sweater!  Sweaters are a great option in that they can work for mild to wild weather and often cover the belly appropriately, which is a wonderful thing if you live in a snow climate.  If you’ve ever had a dog walk into the house with a bazillion snowballs stuck to their fur, then you know what we’re talking about!

Slickers:  Rain, rain, go away!  Just kidding, Buddy has his rain slicker on and he’s ready to play!  Why?  Because PUDDLES ARE AWESOME.  Complete with protective hood, our slickers are perfect rainy-day attire.  Classic ticking stripe lining and decorative embroidery add extra style.  Hook and loop closures make dressing a “snap” without the hassle.  There’s also a collar patch for leash attachment under the hood.

The next time you and Oliver are out for a walk this winter, make sure you channel your mother’s inner voice and put a coat on both of you.  We’re fairly certain that you’re not going to freeze to death, despite your mother’s well-intentioned warning [cue childhood flashback], but warm should be the norm.